Playing Card Divination

General Meanings of the Card Rank


Represents new beginnings, ambitions, fresh opportunities, and planting new seeds which may have long-range developments. Aces signify the right time to begin a new venture or they can reflect a deeply held desire. They show that it is a time of leadership, independent thought, and progress.


Represents partnership issues, cooperation, receptivity and the need to make a choice or decision. Twos often herald a time of waiting and being passive and a need to cultivate patience. Twos often relate to the characteristics of sensitivity, gentleness, and shyness.


Represents growth, creativity and expansion.  Threes signal a time where self-expression and self-promotion are likely and there is a possibility of recognition and expression through the written or spoken word.  Three represents groups and shared interests so it also reflects increased social activity.  


Represents stability, order and structure.  Fours suggest a time to lay foundations for future success.  They may also reflect a period of restriction and burdens where you feel you are faced with important decisions.  Fours relate to self-discipline, hard work and maintaining the status quo.


Represents a desire for freedom and independence that makes you go against the status quo.  Fives can signal a time of nervous energy, challenges and conflicts with others, and adventure and impulsive actions.  Fives also suggest travel and expansion as well as fluctuations in many areas of life.


Represents a transition from the past to the future.  Sixes also relate to responsibilities to others, and duty to home and family.  It is a number that is associated with peace and harmony and its vibration tends to settle any past debts.


Represents a need for introspection, independent self-discovery and inner growth.  Sevens reflect taking an original approach to learning, meditation, retreat, and reevaluation.  Sevens often signal a time of slow growth and may also suggest an attitude of defiance.


Represents power, leadership, money and career issues.  Eights relate to the focus and control necessary to direct your energy toward achieving your goals.  They show movement and changing direction. This number signifies advancement in the external world, property issues and material gain. 


Represents completion, self-fulfillment, and preparation to let go and move to a new level of experience. Nines suggest a time of attainment and clearing the decks to make way for new opportunities.  It also symbolizes compassion, selflessness and charity.


Represents the end of a cycle and starting over on a new level of experience which can mean a new marriage, house or a promotion.  Tens also reflect having too much of something and the stress and preoccupation that causes.


Represents youth and youthful attitudes.  They can represent people of either sex that are younger or less experienced than the questioner.  Jacks also relate to issues of movement and change.  Like children, they are restless and have a need to travel and explore.  They are gaining experience and maturity and cannot be counted on to commit to anything or anyone but themselves.  They tend to browse through life, stay neutral and seem unable to make decisions.  Yet there is a stubbornness and tenacity about them.  Jacks can also represent  thoughts when they are in readings with Queens and Kings of the same suit.


Represents women and issues of nurturing or cultivating traits and projects.  Queens often represent the growth stage of any project or goal and relate to helpful people that can assist the questioner.  Queens react to external impulses.  They judge them and based on that judgment, either cherish or reject them.  They are therefore good arbitrators and mediators.  Queens also represent nurturing our inner qualities of introspection and intuition. 


Represents men and issues of authority and control.  Kings also stand for the endpoint of a project or goal, and reveal successful endeavors.  Kings are often considered aggressive-natured and outgoing, but unlike the Jacks, they have matured and have gained ample experience along the way.  Kings tend to display little emotion and view life from a particularly practical standpoint, regardless of the suit. 

General Meanings of the different Suits


Work or Outward or Disruptions 


Love or Strong Emotions/Emotional Ties (Relationships)


Money or Influence


Mental Effects