Playing Card Divination


This is a time of initiative, courage and leadership.  You have an opportunity to take some action that may be risky but it will certainly be adventurous.  Having the energy and enthusiasm to achieve your goals.  The start of a business venture.  A period of restlessness and passion.


You have been vacillating and are considering a matter either indecisively or indifferently.  On the one hand, you have a desire to take action but on the other hand you are unsure of the future.  A period of waiting and reflecting over past accomplishments. Feeling walled in by past accomplishments but afraid to venture out into unknown territory.  A need to make a choice between acting and waiting.  The sense that life is passing you by.


You are reaching a milestone in your development.  You have the sense of expansion in some area of life and may be leaving a secure position for unknown territory.  Embarking on a journey.  Envisioning your possibilities and future.  Exploring and traveling, at least through books if not actual travel.  Thanks to your previous efforts, you have attained a supportive foundation and your goal is becoming visible. 


You are experiencing the welcome combination of freedom and security, possibly in a job or relationship.  However, there may be little support or structure in your environment which may be an obstacle in terms of generating long-range security.  A time of celebration, to rest from your hard work and past efforts. Establishing roots:  a new home or property; commitment to a project or goal.


You are asserting yourself and your freedom.  A desire for independence and exploration.  A comparison of strength.  Seeing things differently from others and embarking in a battle of wills or competition.  Sports or exercise and the need to release physical energy.  Facing new challenges that make you aware of new abilities. 


You are experiencing victory and success and hard-won satisfaction in some endeavor.  Your efforts will be rewarded and applauded.  You are in a leadership role with the responsibility of motivating and inspiring others.  You are transitioning from a phase of conflict to one of peace and harmony.  Obstacles have been removed from your path.  You have the confidence and self-esteem you need to reach your goals.


You are facing obstacles and opponents but you are in a good position to defend yourself.  You may be defending your principles or your right to be different.  An unfair attack but winning in the end.  An encroachment on your private life or threat to what you have accomplished or want to achieve.


You are moving through an active, hectic phase, where events are reaching their natural conclusion.  Things are in motion, in the air, and will probably happen more quickly than expected.  There is no time to rest on your laurels.  Good news can be expected and success may be on its way.  A sudden change of direction.  Focused and controlled movement.


You are reaching the end of a long struggle.  Feeling wary and cautious, fearful that something will come back from the past to haunt you.  One last hurdle to overcome, but you have the strength to succeed with ease.  Protecting what you have attained.  Defensive posturing.  Opposing anything new.


You are taking on too many responsibilities and burdens.  Perhaps this is out of a desire to help others but it is causing you strain and tension.  You may have skipped a few steps in your development and now feel overwhelmed in new surroundings.  You may be bothered by worries and misgivings without trying to find a way out of them.  Feeling exhausted, oppressed and burned out. 


As a person, this card represents a close friend or someone with whom you can exchange conversation and ideas.  A supportive person and someone who is linked to your goals and ambitions.  This card describes a heroic person with a fiery disposition who is enterprising, adventurous, spontaneous and enthusiastic.  As a situation, this card signifies news, travel, and a departure, moving residence or changing jobs.


As a person, this card represents a woman who is connected to your goals or ambitions, or a person who is passionate, self-determined and sometimes bossy.   This is a woman with considerable personal power, a woman in charge or in a leadership position.  As a situation, this card represents seeking social contacts or recognition and admiration.  It also suggests seduction and manipulation.


As a person, this card represents a man in charge or in a position of leadership and responsibility.  This may also suggest a man who is connected to your goals and ambitions.  This person is usually mature, strong-willed, assertive and has good leadership skills.  As a situation, this card relates to examining your leadership or management potential and ability and reflects business or career concerns.