Playing Card Divination


You are experiencing a new and challenging phase where you must overcome obstacles using great inner strength and determination.  This is a time of elimination where things that you no longer need may be leaving your life.  A time of clarity and enlightenment if you are willing to open your eyes and see things clearly.  Being truthful and honest.  Making a necessary but painful decision.


You are refusing to see a situation clearly or to see the whole picture.  There is a decision that needs to be made but you are sitting on the fence.  Stubborn, gnawing doubts.  An attempt to think purely logically about a situation that requires emotional input.  Struggling for clarity but refusing to listen to your inner voice.  Feeling paralyzed by indecision. 


You are in a self-destructive pattern and feeling a sense of disappointment and heartbreak.  A three-sided conflict.  A painful but necessary separation.  A decision that is made in opposition to what you feel.  Working toward freeing yourself of dependencies and bad habits.  Recognizing that your plans bring painful experiences and bitter disappointment.


You are experiencing stagnation in some area of life.  Retreat and withdrawal as a way of protecting yourself.  Running away from problems leads to only a temporary truce or temporary end to difficulties.   A forced retreat or rest such as in the case of illness or incarceration that causes you to reflect on your past actions.


You are in a state of conflict with others or your environment.  A sense of humiliation and defeat.  Striking out at others out of anger and revenge.  Acting solely in your own self-interest.  Thinking that you can do things all by yourself.  Telling yourself that you don't need anyone to lean on.  Unfairness, altercations, arguments.


You are transitioning from a negative period or difficult time in your life to one with greater stability and peace, however, you are leaving regretfully.  Departing with a heavy heart.  Insecurities, fears and worries about the future and what it holds.  Slowly and carefully approaching new ideas and opinions and relinquishing old viewpoints and habits.


You are acting in a cunning, possibly manipulative manner.  You are being indirect to get what you want.  You are acting in a self-defeating manner where you are putting yourself in positions of failure.  Sneaking away or running away from problems.  Evading the truth or not wanting to believe something about yourself or others.


You are feeling trapped, restricted and confined by your environment.  You may feel like you are unable to leave a situation or that you cannot make the changes you want to make in your life.  Your limitations are not really external but internal; you are hampered by fears of taking the first step and not knowing what to expect.  Repressing something valuable inside yourself.  Relinquishing your power.


You are full of worry and anxiety due to regret, self-pity or guilt.  Reaching the end of a long-standing problem but being unable to release it.  Possibility of illness, perhaps mental illness or sleep disorders.  Deep depression and feelings of helplessness due to inner discouragement and an inability to see the "light at the end of the tunnel."


You are starting to realize you are in an unhealthy situation and there is only a painful way through it.  Hitting rock bottom and the realization that it is time to make significant changes.  A very difficult time but one where unwelcome situations, bad habits, and harmful phases can finally come to an end.  A painful parting or loss.  Putting an end to something, abandoning ideas and convictions, and rejecting a previous way of life. 


As a person, this card suggests someone who is deceitful or spiteful or in some manner operating against your best interest.  This person may be connected to a bad habit you are trying to quit. This card also represents a person with a clear, sharp mind who is argumentative and ready to engage others in conflict.   As a situation, this card relates to your worries and concerns and suggests you may be deceiving yourself or you may be deceived by someone else.  This card advises you to take great care when dealing with others and it asks you to look carefully at your own motivations.


As a person, this card represents a woman who is connected to your worries or problems.  She is usually independent, has very high standards and a cool, distant and dignified air.  As a situation, this card represents putting a painful past behind you, overcoming a difficult situation with rationality and objectivity, and being comfortable alone.  This card may also suggest doing things your way even if it means going against the group.


As a person, this card represents a man connected to your worries or problems, or an authority figure who is responsible for making a judgment or decision on your behalf.  This card also reflects a serious person who can provide wise advice but rarely shows any emotions.