Playing Card Divination


Receiving an opportunity for greater security.  You are planting a seed that will bring tangible results down the road if you are patient and persevering.  A comfortable and satisfyingly simple environment.  Concerns regarding your home or family.  A small financial increase may be coming your way.


You are in a phase of change and transition and would do well to adopt the traits of flexibility and adaptability.  A playful, carefree attitude toward life and security issues.  Fickleness, compromise, and compliance.  Experiencing financial fluctuations but they are minor.  Juggling two situations that relate to your financial or emotional security.


You have successfully passed a stage of education and are entering new realms of experience.  Getting a promotion.  Finishing school.  Achieving recognition and reward for your efforts and diligence.  Teamwork.  Expansion of your financial horizons.  Receiving a small increase for your work.


You are in a secure financial position, but you may be having trouble letting go of something.  Having what you need.  Self-control and control over your environment.  A fear of change and a desire to maintain the status quo at all costs.  Clinging to possessions or people.  Possibility of greed and possessiveness. 


You are in a state of financial flux and may feel isolated from others.  A time of crisis, deprivation, and insecurity.  You may feel separated from a group or feel left out in the cold.  A period where you feel a deep sense of lack, as if something major is missing in your life.  Spiritual poverty and a sense of rootlessness.  Standing on shaky ground.  A crisis brought on by growth and leaving what is familiar and safe behind.


You are receiving help and assistance and/or expressing qualities of generosity, tolerance and helpfulness.  Receiving gifts and unexpected tokens of appreciation.  Taking care of the responsibilities of family and home.  Increases in money or possessions not because of your efforts but due to good fortune or the generosity of another.


You are going through a period of reevaluation.  You are examining your progress and development to determine how much you have gained.  You are wondering how far you have come and how much more progress is necessary to reach your desired goal.  A period of slow but steady growth.  A positive result is certain if you are patient and learn to persevere.


You are learning new skills or changing direction in the financial or work arena.   You may be an apprentice of some sort or going back to school.  A period of starting over on a new level, building upon past experience.  Perfecting and crafting something to make it better.  Achieving a better position, status, or a raise. 


You are experiencing a state of self-reliance and self-actualization.  Your efforts have paid off and you have grown something marvelous.  A large purchase or money coming in due to your past hard work.  A sense of inner richness.  Contentment and satisfaction with your life and position in it.  Attaining a significant milestone; a pinnacle in your career or ambitions. 


You are experiencing a phase of abundance, security and wealth on many levels.  Feeling secure in a community or family.  Family values or tradition.  Taking a conservative approach.  Group concerns regarding money and possessions.  A business enterprise or the work environment itself.


As a person, this card reflects someone who is money-oriented and has a strong desire for acquisition of possessions or status, however, they may be lacking the perseverance needed to succeed.  This card may also reflect a negotiator or someone who tends to negotiate everything they do.  This card suggests a personality that is strong, reliable, and hardworking, but stubborn.  This card reflects someone who is beginning a new career or stage of employment.  As a situation, it shows a concern for security and being in a state of financial fluctuation.  It may also show a  fluctuation in emotional security as well.


As a person, this card represents a caretaker, possibly a mother or assistant.  This is a woman connected to your sense of security in some way.  This card may represent a person who is well-grounded and more concerned with emotional rather than financial security.  As a situation, this card suggests issues concerning the home and family and providing support and nurturing.


As a person, this card represents a patriarch, someone connected to your financial security or in the role of provider.  This is a person who is serious and down-to-earth; they are consumed with maintaining what they have financially.  As a situation, this card represents wealth and accumulation of financial security.  It can also relate to conservative values and family traditions.