Playing Card Divination


You are in love or feel very passionately about a subject or person.  You are able to consummate a relationship or passion, express your feelings, or be emotionally fulfilled.  You feel a sense of joy, thankfulness, comfort and deep happiness.  The start of a new romance.  Feeling altruistic and helpful.


You are cooperating and sharing with another person.  A new romance or instant attraction.  An equal partnership.  A desire to connect with someone.  Compatibility.  You are occupied with thoughts of love and harmony.  Altruism.


You are celebrating the beginning of an important endeavor.  You feel a sense of shared joy and camaraderie with others in a small, close-knit group.  Shared interests and compatibility with a group of people.  An expression of thankfulness.  Taking pleasure in the simple things.


You feel such a sense of emotional stability and routine that it has become boring to you.  Feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled.  Something that you once yearned for is suffocating you.  Sulking and brooding over an issue.  Emotional withdrawal from others leaves you unwilling to accept new opportunities, offers or cries for attention.  Rejection and apathy. 


You feel a deep sense of regret and disappointment usually regarding a relationship.  A time of separation from something or someone you really wanted in your life.  Grief and sorrow and the need to release the past.  Recklessness may have led to losing this valuable object. 


You are demonstrating affection and generosity.  You are taking care of the needs of others.  You are thinking about the past or returning to the past in some way.  Memories, nostalgia, homesickness.  A desire to return to a safer and more predictable environment.  Holding on or clinging to the past and its memories.  Childhood or early childhood impressions. 


You are full of hopes, wishes and dreams and may be faced with many options.  It may be difficult to make a choice and you may be living in a world of fantasies, unable to see reality clearly.  A period of imagination and creativity.  Wishful thinking and wearing rose-colored glasses.  Letting yourself be deceived by what you want.  Deception and illusion.


You are outgrowing a situation and finding that something important in missing in your life.  You desire to leave, move away or get some distance between yourself and your current environment.  You are seeking greater spiritual meaning.  Moving on to bigger and better things.  Giving up something that is valuable in hopes of finding something of greater value.


You are getting what you wished for.  A time of satiety and happiness, but perhaps also overindulgence.  Enjoying the good life and the sensual pleasures that come with it.  Living in a carefree way; taking a vacation or relaxing.  Being comfortable being by yourself. Becoming addicted to pleasure.


You are experiencing joy and camaraderie in a family or supportive network.  Feeling safe and secure in a community.  A friendly mood, good neighborly contacts, and love and joy in dealing with others.  Commitment to others.  Inner peace and light-heartedness.  An expansive love of humanity.


As a person, this card represents a dear friend or a lover;  it is always someone close to your heart and connected to your wishes and dreams.  This card can also suggest someone who uses your emotions to manipulate you.  (Check the facing card or surrounding cards to be sure). This card represents a sensitive, warm, tender person who is charismatic.  As a situation, this card relates to romance and following your heart wherever it leads you.  You may be head over heels in love with someone, or you may have just been asked out on a date.  This card also signifies social engagements of every kind.


As a person, this card represents a mother, wife, or someone with an emotional connection to the questioner.  This woman could be a healer, artist or medium.  She is someone who breaks open the feeling hidden in your depths.  As a situation, this card represents helping or healing or being drawn to the mystical.


As a person, this card represents a father, husband or someone with whom the questioner has an emotional connection.  This card may also suggest a doctor, therapist or someone in the healing professions.  This person is kind and sensitive, but keeps his or her own wounds hidden while helping others.  As a situation, this card relates to expression through the arts or the need for mediation in some situation.